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Jesus Mary School

Jesus Mary School is meant for all irrespective of caste and communities. The Primary aim of the institution is to impart sound formation (intellectual, moral, psychological, social and physical). Education is a cornerstone of all progress and is the vehicle of knowledge, self preservation and success through sets of goals and values. Ample opportunities are provided to the students through various activities like House system, Competitions, Work Experience, Co-curricular activities, computer education and leadership in the society to which they belong. Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality, discipline and character formation in the school. We emphasize value base teaching, giving importance to our culture. We aim to equip our students for life, making them not only job seekers but also job creators with vision for their future. God is love and Jesus is that God in Human form. People like Mother Teresa are the reflection of that love. She is 'Icon of Love'. We draw light and reflection from this source. Striving for excellence is our way of life. Our motto says it all; "For God and Humanity".